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Embracing pain

Back in the 80’s there was an exercise slogan “no pain, no gain”. The original concept was simply to work-out with an intensity and duration so you began to feel discomfort. If you weren’t experiencing some discomfort during your work-out … Continue reading

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Why bother with a plan

I have met plenty of cowboys in my day. I’ve written about this topic several times. One thing that cowboys hate, is writing-up a plan. It makes me think of the times when I MAKE my kids do homework. Their … Continue reading

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The edge of scope

I don’t think I coined this term, but my colleagues think I might have. Imagine for a moment: you are working on a project with a hard deadline. You simply must hit your deadline. In that case, your greatest foe … Continue reading

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I like that term.  I forget who told it to me first.  The term comes from the root word brink, as in: we’re on the brink of disaster. I suppose brinkmanship is really just a fancy way of saying “waiting … Continue reading

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How long will it take to make this?

This is a “top five most-popular” question for programmers. It is best to be asked this kind of question before you begin writing a program. It shows that you (and/or your colleagues) are thinking ahead. For instance, how long would … Continue reading

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