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Embracing pain

Back in the 80’s there was an exercise slogan “no pain, no gain”. The original concept was simply to work-out with an intensity and duration so you began to feel discomfort. If you weren’t experiencing some discomfort during your work-out … Continue reading

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Performance Testing – Do it / Don’t do it / It doesn’t matter

Performance testing is an awkward topic because it is usually very difficult to pin-down what you want / need. Honestly, everyone would really love it if every system could be blindingly fast.  I can’t tell you the number of projects … Continue reading

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The Software Testing Dichotomy

If you are ramping-up a testing effort for your group, You will eventually arrive at the question, “How much testing is the right amount?” Ultimately, your goal is to iron-out all of the bugs. If you are serious about it, … Continue reading

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Testing Maturity Model

I was going to try to coin a term here: Testing Maturity Model but then I Bing’d it and found that it already exists(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testing_Maturity_Model). My concept is a little different from the “official” version, (but not completely different). What can … Continue reading

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5 reasons that you want a tester and not another developer

Probably every dev team has been in this situation before.  You have some budget to add a person.  You want to add a Tester but some wise-guy tries to argue that it is better to add a developer.  “After all, … Continue reading

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