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Refactoring code that is too big

“If your code is so big that you need Regions to collapse areas of it, then your code is probably too big and you should consider refactoring it”. – Copied from a forum, where someone was trying to convince Microsoft … Continue reading

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Magnitudes of technical debt

The term “technical debt” really covers a lot of areas of concern. It is not simply relegated to “messy programming”. That is part of it, but there is more to it. Like with many unpleasant things, the impact of technical … Continue reading

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Project hand-off, here you go

Maybe if you work in a big-enough company, you’ve experienced the thrill of being handed someone else’s program. Not only did someone else write it, you probably didn’t have any say in how it was written. Maybe the author(s) were co-workers, … Continue reading

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Is anything ever good enough?

The last time that my wife baked banana bread, as I was tasting it and thinking about the flavor, I said “what if you cut-back the butter by one third and substituted applesauce instead?”  I thought it was a cool … Continue reading

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