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Why your projects don’t seem to get “done” (part 2)

In part 1, I talked about the things that typically stand in-the-way of your project getting done.  If your project had one of these problems, the simple solution is to close the scope of all tasks and if any of … Continue reading

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Why your projects don’t seem to get “done” (part 1)

In my career, I’ve seen a few projects that had a problem getting “done”. Okay, I was being too nice. Let’s just say: it happens more-often than I think it should. I’ve even had a CIO mock me because I … Continue reading

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Why bother with a plan

I have met plenty of cowboys in my day. I’ve written about this topic several times. One thing that cowboys hate, is writing-up a plan. It makes me think of the times when I MAKE my kids do homework. Their … Continue reading

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How your processes save your backside

When you have a well-defined process, it can be tedious at times. Sometimes you even want to throw unpleasant terms on it, like “bureaucracy”. Bureaucracy sounds nasty. I’m trying to think of someone who could make it sound palatable. Maybe … Continue reading

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My most epic project

The biggest project of my career was a Y2k project for a state agency. The project was a huge challenge by itself. To make things more interesting, it had a fixed timeline (Y2k) and a customer who didn’t typically do … Continue reading

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Current Mission Statement

When I read the book “7 habits of highly-effective people”, I remember my reaction to the suggestion about having a “personal mission statement”.  It struck me as being a little silly.  Am I really going to do that with all … Continue reading

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Performance Testing – Do it / Don’t do it / It doesn’t matter

Performance testing is an awkward topic because it is usually very difficult to pin-down what you want / need. Honestly, everyone would really love it if every system could be blindingly fast.  I can’t tell you the number of projects … Continue reading

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