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Scaling a project

I recently read an article from a local “expert” about scalability of a dev team. The author claimed that every project can only be completed by a team of 7-10 people. The size of the project didn’t matter to the … Continue reading

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Letting go, delegating, managing

Let’s just say that you are a programmer, or server admin or just about anything, and you are really good at what you do. Usually, this means that you are a person “who gets things done”. This also usually means … Continue reading

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People who hate you for doing a good job

I, and many of my peers have experienced the phenomenon, when you have a colleague that seems to “have it in for you”. Everything you do, just seems to grind their corn. This person isn’t your boss. So the person … Continue reading

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Bad Advice

I’ve met several people in my life who were very smart, but were somewhat unsuccessful in their careers and to some degree, in parts of their lives.  These people did not have any kind of disability that held them back.  They were smart … Continue reading

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