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Embracing pain

Back in the 80’s there was an exercise slogan “no pain, no gain”. The original concept was simply to work-out with an intensity and duration so you began to feel discomfort. If you weren’t experiencing some discomfort during your work-out … Continue reading

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How your processes save your backside

When you have a well-defined process, it can be tedious at times. Sometimes you even want to throw unpleasant terms on it, like “bureaucracy”. Bureaucracy sounds nasty. I’m trying to think of someone who could make it sound palatable. Maybe … Continue reading

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Current Mission Statement

When I read the book “7 habits of highly-effective people”, I remember my reaction to the suggestion about having a “personal mission statement”.  It struck me as being a little silly.  Am I really going to do that with all … Continue reading

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Letting go, delegating, managing

Let’s just say that you are a programmer, or server admin or just about anything, and you are really good at what you do. Usually, this means that you are a person “who gets things done”. This also usually means … Continue reading

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The bus stop, by your desk

Software development projects often seem to get lead by non-developers. It is not a big surprise, considering the fact that developers really just love to develop.  Anything else (like timelines, budgets, and resources) are just distractions. VPs really care about some boring … Continue reading

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Boss or Legend

In my career, I’ve had two really good bosses. I really enjoyed working for each. When I think back on both of those two bosses, I know there were a lot of things that went really well with both of … Continue reading

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The right time to panic – Part 2

*** Disclaimer: This is not about my current job. Carry on. *** In part 1, we looked at emergencies in IT departments and discussed some ways to handle things. In this part, I would like to talk about [what to … Continue reading

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