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Knowing what you don’t know

A few weeks ago, I had the joy of experiencing a new twist on an old problem: gathering requirements.  I have a small project which has missed a deadline or two.  Naturally, I’ve heard question a few times: “when will it … Continue reading

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Why management wants more technical debt

*** Disclaimer: this is not about my current project. It is about every project. *** I think it is safe to say that every program contains some technical debt.  This is because perfection is (somewhat) impractical.  If you actually try to achieve it, … Continue reading

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Technical Bankruptcy

*** Disclaimer: This is not about my current project, it is about every project everywhere *** Technical-debt is a natural byproduct of software development.  If you don’t recall seeing technical debt in every sw-dev project, it is because most developers prefer to … Continue reading

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Performance Testing – Do it / Don’t do it / It doesn’t matter

Performance testing is an awkward topic because it is usually very difficult to pin-down what you want / need. Honestly, everyone would really love it if every system could be blindingly fast.  I can’t tell you the number of projects … Continue reading

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