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Grave naming

I just heard a new one today.  On the topic of “software development and coding standards” have you ever heard of “Grave Naming”? I guess it refers to the practice of standardizing specific domain (value) names across development layers.  (…from … Continue reading

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Showing Initiative vs Being a Cowboy

A few weeks ago, I fixed a bug without being asked to do so. Shortly afterwards, I was asked “Why did you fix that bug? Who told you to do it?”  The question arrived in email, so I couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Wheels that need to squeak

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Basically, if you need something done and it is not just getting itself done, you should speak-up and complain, maybe even make a bit of a ruckus, … Continue reading

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Why Catch(exception) is usually a bad idea

I always like reading what other developers are suggesting as “best practices”.  Occasionally, I come across one that seems to defy logic, such as “don’t allow comments in your code”.  Initially the statement seems bonkers, but then you read-up on … Continue reading

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The edge of scope

I don’t think I coined this term, but my colleagues think I might have. Imagine for a moment: you are working on a project with a hard deadline. You simply must hit your deadline. In that case, your greatest foe … Continue reading

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Helping, sometimes at the expense of others

Microsoft has a really great site where developers can make suggestions for features that should be added to the next rev of Visual Studio. You can also vote on existing suggestions. So far, two of the ten that I voted … Continue reading

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Risks vs. Assumptions

I like working with knowledgeable people.  I learn a lot from them, and then I enjoy passing it along to other people.  This month I learned something profound that I should’ve already known.  I guess it just had to be … Continue reading

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