Open-source: Running a RDLC without SSRS

In 2011, my team was starting work on a big project. We already had a lot of SSRS reports and we wanted to integrate them into the new web app that we were going to make. I recommended embedding the SSRS reports into the new app. However, that would involve installing SSRS and monkeying-around with Kerberos (etc) to integrate the web app with SSRS. It was a hassle.

I determined that we could extend the ReportViewer that comes with .NET, to do run & display reports without using SSRS or Kerberos. A consultant (from a reputable national firm) who was working with us, said it could not be done. Nobody had done it before and therefore, neither could I. I picked up that gauntlet and was inspired to invent something new.

It took me several months (outside of work, evenings and weekends) to perfect this library. I submitted it to the open-source community so others could benefit from my work. So far, over 70000 people have read my posting and over 2800 have downloaded it.


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