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Stupid effing owin won’t go away

[burst of profanity omitted] I’m writing this while I’m angry, so bear with me for a moment. Hopefully, this advice can spare you the agitation that I’m experiencing right now. I wanted to do something fairly simple today (it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Why your web server needs a data mart

The other day, I had a fun discussion with a colleague. We talked about data marts. Just in case you are not familiar with the term, let me take a moment to describe the concept. A data mart is basically … Continue reading

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Terms & conditions screen in RBA

Disclaimer: As always, I’m not supposed to talk about this SDK, but the accompanying docs do not cover the material very well, and bing/goog returns zero info.  I had to spend several hours figuring this out (and almost gave-up, twice).  Hopefully, … Continue reading

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If someone asks you to use [StupidTechnologyDujour]

I had a fun conversation with a peer today. He asked me what I would say if a boss or peer wanted to use [Stupid-Technology-Dujour] (replace with technology of your choice). I know he was asking a rhetorical question, but … Continue reading

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Metal detector, for needles-in-a-haystack

A few weeks back, I had some good advice for someone on stack overflow The guy was stuck with a bug and couldn’t figure it out. Sometimes, you can’t get any help on Stack Overflow because people are like “can we … Continue reading

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Why you need a little technical debt

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted a corvette. They are just cool, and I want one more than anything in the world. Okay, that seemed a little over-dramatic. Clearly that is not true, because I have a … Continue reading

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Refactoring code that is too big

“If your code is so big that you need Regions to collapse areas of it, then your code is probably too big and you should consider refactoring it”. – Copied from a forum, where someone was trying to convince Microsoft … Continue reading

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