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Down time

College is designed to teach you a bunch of stuff, but one of the biggest lessons comes from “finals week”. This part of the semester also includes the week before finals, when nearly every goshdarn class seems to have a … Continue reading

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Testers, bugs and the end-of-the-world

*** Disclaimer: this is not about my current project. It is about all projects, everywhere. *** If you are a developer, and you have worked much with professional software testers, you will love & hate them. You will love them … Continue reading

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Tech debt, rewriting the whole thing

If you’ve ever looked at a messy program, you might think “we should just rewrite this. It would take less time than fixing this mess”. The logic on it seems flawless, right. You are awesome and your ninja moves are … Continue reading

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Requirements for Waterfall, Agile and Cowboy

Once again, I am comparing these three approaches to software development. It might seem funny that I could treat “cowboy” like it is a real methodology, but there is some reality to it and I would like to explain how … Continue reading

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Performance Testing – 201

In my career, I’ve done a few performance studies. (more than just a few). (I’m trying to be humble, but it’s not working). (Sorry). I’ve had some good mentors along the way, and I’ve done a lot of studying to … Continue reading

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Emerging from technical bankruptcy

The process for emerging from technical bankruptcy is actually similar to financial bankruptcy.  If you decide to pay-down the technical debt, instead of starting over, it means you need to change your current practices.  You have been living beyond your … Continue reading

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Management will prefer more tech debt (in so-many words)

Disclaimer: This is not about my current project or company. It is about all projects and companies, everywhere. If you are familiar with “technical debt”, I’m sure you would acknowledge: tech debt is bad, and if you allow it, you … Continue reading

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