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Down time

College is designed to teach you a bunch of stuff, but one of the biggest lessons comes from “finals week”. This part of the semester also includes the week before finals, when nearly every goshdarn class seems to have a … Continue reading

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Tech debt, rewriting the whole thing

If you’ve ever looked at a messy program, you might think “we should just rewrite this. It would take less time than fixing this mess”. The logic on it seems flawless, right. You are awesome and your ninja moves are … Continue reading

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Comparing yourself to others

This is a frequent topic with my kids and even some peers. “I’m not good enough” or “I wish I could be like that person. They have it all”. “I don’t think I could ever achieve what that person has.” … Continue reading

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Management will prefer more tech debt (in so-many words)

Disclaimer: This is not about my current project or company. It is about all projects and companies, everywhere. If you are familiar with “technical debt”, I’m sure you would acknowledge: tech debt is bad, and if you allow it, you … Continue reading

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Terms & conditions screen in RBA

Disclaimer: As always, I’m not supposed to talk about this SDK, but the accompanying docs do not cover the material very well, and bing/goog returns zero info.  I had to spend several hours figuring this out (and almost gave-up, twice).  Hopefully, … Continue reading

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If someone asks you to use [StupidTechnologyDujour]

I had a fun conversation with a peer today. He asked me what I would say if a boss or peer wanted to use [Stupid-Technology-Dujour] (replace with technology of your choice). I know he was asking a rhetorical question, but … Continue reading

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Metal detector, for needles-in-a-haystack

A few weeks back, I had some good advice for someone on stack overflow The guy was stuck with a bug and couldn’t figure it out. Sometimes, you can’t get any help on Stack Overflow because people are like “can we … Continue reading

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