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Training your manager

Disclaimer: This is not about my current workplace. This is about all workplaces. Whether you are a team lead, software architect, PM or a junior developer, you count on your team for stuff. Maybe if you are a one-man-team, you … Continue reading

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Technical debt and interest

In case you are not familiar with the term “technical debt”, it mostly means “messy programming”.  Unfortunately, it is more serious than just ordinary messiness.  It usually happens because a programmer was in a hurry and couldn’t think of a … Continue reading

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Showing Initiative vs Being a Cowboy

A few weeks ago, I fixed a bug without being asked to do so. Shortly afterwards, I was asked “Why did you fix that bug? Who told you to do it?”  The question arrived in email, so I couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Wheels that need to squeak

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Basically, if you need something done and it is not just getting itself done, you should speak-up and complain, maybe even make a bit of a ruckus, … Continue reading

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Both sides of craftsmanship

I recently read a good article titled “The Dark Side of Craftsmanship“. In the article Ted Neward tells a story about a well-meaning developer who posts some sloppy code to a public forum and is criticized harshly. Mr. Neward correctly … Continue reading

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Why it is so hard to produce excellence

Every IT manager, CIO, HR person or recruiter will tell you that it is hard to find good programmers.  This seems a little strange to me, because programming is really not that hard, once you catch-on.  Of course, there are … Continue reading

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The bus stop, by your desk

Software development projects often seem to get lead by non-developers. It is not a big surprise, considering the fact that developers really just love to develop.  Anything else (like timelines, budgets, and resources) are just distractions. VPs really care about some boring … Continue reading

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