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Why your web server needs a data mart

The other day, I had a fun discussion with a colleague. We talked about data marts. Just in case you are not familiar with the term, let me take a moment to describe the concept. A data mart is basically … Continue reading

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Value of a senior developer – part 3

In part 1, I talked about some unusual interview questions that were posed to me: 1) What does a company get from a senior developer for all of that extra cost? 2) You have a lot of experience with leadership, … Continue reading

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Emerging from technical bankruptcy

The process for emerging from technical bankruptcy is actually similar to financial bankruptcy.  If you decide to pay-down the technical debt, instead of starting over, it means you need to change your current practices.  You have been living beyond your … Continue reading

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Management will prefer more tech debt (in so-many words)

Disclaimer: This is not about my current project or company. It is about all projects and companies, everywhere. If you are familiar with “technical debt”, I’m sure you would acknowledge: tech debt is bad, and if you allow it, you … Continue reading

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Terms & conditions screen in RBA

Disclaimer: As always, I’m not supposed to talk about this SDK, but the accompanying docs do not cover the material very well, and bing/goog returns zero info.  I had to spend several hours figuring this out (and almost gave-up, twice).  Hopefully, … Continue reading

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If someone asks you to use [StupidTechnologyDujour]

I had a fun conversation with a peer today. He asked me what I would say if a boss or peer wanted to use [Stupid-Technology-Dujour] (replace with technology of your choice). I know he was asking a rhetorical question, but … Continue reading

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Metal detector, for needles-in-a-haystack

A few weeks back, I had some good advice for someone on stack overflow The guy was stuck with a bug and couldn’t figure it out. Sometimes, you can’t get any help on Stack Overflow because people are like “can we … Continue reading

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