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Windows 10 update broke my Logitech mouse

Monday morning, I tried to wake my PC. Instead of the normal wake-up, it did a boot-up. Which means Windows must have installed updates for me, overnight.  No biggie, whatever. The problem came when I reached for my Logitech Trackman.  … Continue reading

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Raising over-performers

Years ago, I was in a company that wrote software for other companies. We had a great reputation and our sales reps were doing a great job at bringing us more work to do. It didn’t take long for my … Continue reading

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Why it’s not my fault, why it is, and why it doesn’t matter

When things go bad, people have a tendency to want to blame folks. It is a bad habit, but people do it anyway. When I was much younger, I had trouble shouldering responsibility. When things went wrong, I didn’t want … Continue reading

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