LLT – M53: unknown product code (add it in ‘LLT.prm’ file)

Once again with the LLT. I just got a new PC and had to reinstall all of my software and re-learn the tricks for connecting LLT, etc.  Btw, the help file for LLT has better directions than the rest of the docs. I wasted an hour trying to figure out how to get the device into LLT mode.  Hint: read the LLT docs, section 6.  Btw. the “up” key is the minus -.

When I tried to connect LLT to my device, I was getting this connection error:

“M53: unknown product code (add it in ‘LLT.prm’ file)”

The LLT.prm file is in the same folder as your LLT.exe.  It has a list of all of the possible devices, but it stops at M52.  The iSC480 is supposed to be M53.  For some reason, in the past 2 years, nobody has managed to update this file.  *ehem*.  So we have to do it ourselves.  No biggie, I guess.

Use notepad.exe to edit the LLT.prm file.  Put “M53: iSC480” on the last line (before the line that says “M??:all products”).  Save, and re-launch LLT.  Since it probably took you five minutes to make the change, your iSC480 has probably restarted, so you need to do that trick to get back into LLT mode. 🙂

Btw, the entry for M53 is optional.  The LLT will connect to your device and work etc. even with this error.  It is really just a warning.

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