LLT_LOAD – RAS Error 633

Today, I needed to upgrade the RBA for my device.  I started by using LLT to set up my connection and make sure everything worked.  I worked-out the configs and was able to get a file list in LLT.  So I was certain that everything was good to go. Configs were right.

When I ran LLT_LOAD.bat (for my device), I was getting LLT “Run-time error ’13’: Type mismatch”, then the LLT_LOAD screen gave me a red error message “!!!!ErrorCode: #### DOWNLOAD FAILED – PPP CONNECTION PROBLEM!!!!”.

The message didn’t really give any useful information, so I read the bat file, to get an idea what was going on.  It referred to a log file, which I found (relative to LLT_LOAD.bat) in ..\log\ResBatch.txt.  In the log file it said the problem was caused by RAS Error 633.  Whatever that means!  Searching Goog and Bing didn’t really help.  I put a few debug/trace statements into the bat file, to see what was going on and tried a few other things.  Eventually I guessed at the problem.

Things that were not wrong:  Device was in LLT mode, device was connected, I know I had my LLT and connection configured properly. You don’t need to run LLT_LOAD as admin.

Solution: it was a bonehead mistake on my part, but easy to make.  The prompt says

“ENTER COM PORT # or [ENTER] for COM1 :”

Since the prompt referred to the COM port using the format “COM1”, I figured it would need my answer (COM3) in the format “COM3”.  Nope.  It just needs the digit “3”.  Once I gave it just the numeric part of the COM port, everything ran like a champ.

I’m now on the new RBA.  Hope I helped you solve things too. Good luck!

Follow-up: the “LLT User Guide.pdf” does talk about RAS 633 in sec 10.3, but it just says to check if your cable is connected and that the USB plug/played.


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