Current Mission Statement

When I read the book “7 habits of highly-effective people”, I remember my reaction to the suggestion about having a “personal mission statement”.  It struck me as being a little silly.  Am I really going to do that with all aspects of my life?  Do I really need that sort of thing? Where would I even start?

Well, at work my attitude is much more focused.  At home I can wing-it, whenever I want, because I am still figuring some things out and sometimes it is more fun to live with fewer boundaries.  Honestly, I spend a lot of my time at home pondering problems from work instead of working-out problems at home. So I’m more inclined to have a plan for work.  Regardless, I apply much more structure to my work goals, regimen and mission statement.

I just thought it would be interesting to some of you to see my current mission statement.

  1. Provide the best value that I can to my employer and customer
  2. Determine what-it-is that the customer wants
  3. Determine what is out-of-scope and counter-productive, regardless of its value
  4. Never allow my ego to get in the way of the customer’s needs
  5. Watch my zones
  6. Determine communication routes and routines
  7. Plan ahead as much as possible, but adjust the plan, as needed
  8. Always have several backup plans
  9. Be transparent
  10. Identify the (increasing) points that the bar can/should be raised-to
  11. Determine the path to accomplish this (increasing improvements)
  12. Be patient and try not to agitate my colleagues, while pursuing these goal
  13. Always do my research before opening my mouth
  14. Prepare proof-of-concepts before discussing ideas for fixes
  15. If something seems strange, find out why it is that way, before proposing to correct it

There are a few more things that I do, but most of my decisions are founded on these items, and I do my best to weigh my choices against this list.

Every month, I review my mission statement and make sure my plans and work are in alignment with it.


About Tim Golisch

I'm a geek. I do geeky things.
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