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Why it is so hard to produce excellence

Every IT manager, CIO, HR person or recruiter will tell you that it is hard to find good programmers.  This seems a little strange to me, because programming is really not that hard, once you catch-on.  Of course, there are … Continue reading

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The bus stop, by your desk

Software development projects often seem to get lead by non-developers. It is not a big surprise, considering the fact that developers really just love to develop.  Anything else (like timelines, budgets, and resources) are just distractions. VPs really care about some boring … Continue reading

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People who hate you for doing a good job

I, and many of my peers have experienced the phenomenon, when you have a colleague that seems to “have it in for you”. Everything you do, just seems to grind their corn. This person isn’t your boss. So the person … Continue reading

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