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Why Catch(exception) is usually a bad idea

I always like reading what other developers are suggesting as “best practices”.  Occasionally, I come across one that seems to defy logic, such as “don’t allow comments in your code”.  Initially the statement seems bonkers, but then you read-up on … Continue reading

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Stay in your lane, boy

Lately, I’ve been enjoying some new music from “Twenty One Pilots”. One of the tracks is a catchy little tune “Stay in your lane”.  They must have received some unwelcomed advice from music execs: “They say Stay in your lane … Continue reading

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How to stay awake in a meeting

I love food.  When I go out to lunch, it saves me money, because my kids aren’t there to order the surf & turf (and leave half of it on the plate).  When that plate arrives, I forget about the … Continue reading

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