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LLT Error: “Connection: RAS error number 777”

Today I was using LLT again. The device was on a different COM port, so it had to do a plug-and-play. Of course, the auto-connection process timed-out, because it took me a few minutes to complete the wizard. So I … Continue reading

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Risks vs. Assumptions

I like working with knowledgeable people.  I learn a lot from them, and then I enjoy passing it along to other people.  This month I learned something profound that I should’ve already known.  I guess it just had to be … Continue reading

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I like that term.  I forget who told it to me first.  The term comes from the root word brink, as in: we’re on the brink of disaster. I suppose brinkmanship is really just a fancy way of saying “waiting … Continue reading

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