Fritzing 4-channel relay part

A few months ago, I made a “Fritzing part” for a 2-channel relay, and posted it here.  It seems to be one of my most popular posts to-date.  I guess a lot of people need those files.

A few people have asked me to make a Fritzing part for SunFounder 4 Channel 5V Relay Shield Module.  The drawing was pretty easy and the fritzing part was pretty easy, but getting the two to overlay properly has taken me a few months and I still don’t quite have it perfect. I am posting it anyway.  The only problem is that the nice graphic (like below) is stretched weird.  So I also have one that is squooshed.  When it is stretched, it is just-right.

Give it a try.  I hope it saves you some time and I hope you find it useful.  If anyone can figure out why it is stretching my drawing so weird, I would be glad to fix it and re-post it.



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19 Responses to Fritzing 4-channel relay part

  1. Daniel Parra says:

    Hi! Which version of Fritzing did you use to create this part? I am trying to import the part and I am getting an error: Thanks!

  2. Rachel McCartney says:

    Hey! Thank you for posting this, it is just what I need. However, I am new to Fritzing, and have no idea how to import the part. I keep getting an error message. It’s probably just because I’m a noob, but google isn’t helping much. Thanks again.

    • Dou2abou says:

      Just because you’re new doesn’t mean you get to call yourself noob buddy. You’re new that’s all.
      Anyway, when you want to download this file, save it to Documents (or where you saved Fritzing) > Fritzing > parts > contrib, then unzip it in the contrib folder.

      When you’re done, go to your Fritzing schematic, click CTRL + O (File > open) and then click on the relay file and voila.

  3. Jade says:

    I can’t seem to open the 4-channel fritzing schematic. The 2-channel opens just fine. Can you please repost.

  4. crashmeplease says:

    Can you please re-check the part again, I am also getting a file(zip%d) error with this part and I would love to use it!

  5. j2875987 says:

    Thanks for this great part. Can you please do a 8-channel part also?

  6. madoktor says:

    Any update on this? I think the download is corrupted? Can you repost?

  7. jahnbes says:

    Hi Tim, I’m also on Win10 but I am also getting a file(zip%d) error with this part and I would love to use it!
    Thanks, Bert

    • Tim Golisch says:

      Several people have reported this problem but I can’t seem to repeat it. I have Win 10 at home and Win 7 at work. The zip file seems to work on all of them. Could you retry the download or try it on another machine? I wish I knew the cause of this, so I could fix it.

      • crashmeplease says:

        Hi Tim,
        I have tried it again on both Linux Mint and Win7 with the same %d error. Sorry, I wish I could help more. The svg images are fine, it seems to be the fzpz file that is at fault somehow. Thanks!

  8. Oscar Garzon says:

    Hi, can you please make a 4 channel relay module that looks like this:
    I really need it for my thesis 😦

  9. alogblog says:

    Hi, Firstly thanks for your efforts.

    I know fzpz file is of a simple zip. So I added .zip to its file name, and tried to open it.
    My uncompressing program said like “This file is a parted ZIP, but other parted files(.z01, .z02..) are missing, so can’t open it”. I hope this message gives you some hint for zipping parts file.


    • Tim Golisch says:

      Wow. You are right! I didn’t realize that the fzpz is a zip file. I was able to re-export my part again and it seems to work now. Thank you for your help! It is fixed!

  10. anonymouse says:

    Thank you!

  11. Thank you. Everything works great!

  12. fabian salinas says:

    Hi! any chance you could do an 8 channel relay?

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