How different IT people look at a broken server

It sounds like a scary topic. However, in retrospect, it is a little funny how different folks will look at a broken server.

Which one sounds like you?

If you are a developer: Look at the source code. Then just rewrite the parts of the server that are not working. Those parts seemed dodgy anyway.

If you are a server admin: Ask the programmers what they have recently done. They are probably to blame. If not, then Google it. Probably try to change some settings. See if there are any new (free) patches to resolve the problem. Tell the CIO that you need more budget because these servers are getting old and that is why they break.

If you are an IT manager: Ask the server admin if he tried google yet. Suggest that he undoes the latest patches from the manufacturer. Suggest that he restores the latest backup. Ask him for an ETA on completion, then ask if he can get it done sooner than that.

If you are not in IT. Ask for a new machine. Suggest that you switch to another vendor because this one sux.

If you are not required to work with technology at all: Issue a big-fat “I told you so”. Stress the fact that you never trust computers anyway.


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I'm a geek. I do geeky things.
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