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Leaking Hours – part 2

In part 1, I talked about situations where you have been dropped into a mess and you feel like you are suddenly “in over your head”, or where several problems seem to arise around you quickly, like rising flood waters. … Continue reading

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How different IT people look at a broken server

It sounds like a scary topic. However, in retrospect, it is a little funny how different folks will look at a broken server. Which one sounds like you? If you are a developer: Look at the source code. Then just … Continue reading

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Leaking hours – Part 1

“It seems like, the more I work, the more behind I get”. I have been in that kind of position, and it starts to get scary sometimes. I would compare it to falling into a lake while wearing jeans and … Continue reading

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Interviewing a geek

Okay. Hold onto your chair, because this is going to surprise you. Ready? Some technical folks are geeky and awkward and they have trouble socializing and this makes them seem awkward, and nervous and it gets in the way of … Continue reading

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Why bother with code formating

Not too long ago, I had a difference-of-opinion with another developer.  This developer is really good at what she does and has tons of respect from her colleagues and me.  However, we differ on our opinions for this topic.  Code … Continue reading

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