ID0016 and ID2082: (setting) must be greater than TimeSpan.Zero.

YSOD in Identity Server:

ID2082: Lifetime must be greater than or equal to TimeSpan.Zero.
ID0016: The value must specify a time span greater than TimeSpan.Zero.
Parameter name: value

This is another one of those “I want to kick myself” sort of errors.

First of all: this is probably no big deal if you always adhere to the solemn oath: “I will always make a backup of my Identity Server database, before I make any configuration changes. So help me God.”

However, if you forgot to do this, there is still hope. Open SSMS. Connect to your Identity Server database. Run this query:

select * from dbo.GlobalConfiguration

Look at “DefaultTokenLifetime”, “MaximumTokenLifeTime” and “SsoCookieLifetime”. You need to fix those.
Before you do any more damage, make a backup. Remember: if you have too many backups, you can always delete the extra ones, but if you don’t have enough backups, you might be doomed. Don’t be doomed.

Done making a backup? Okay. Next step: update those columns. You should never trust SQL queries that you find on the internet, (especially an UPDATE or DELETE query) but here is one anyway:

UPDATE dbo.GlobalConfiguration SET SsoCookieLifetime=1 
WHERE SsoCookieLifetime=0;
UPDATE dbo.GlobalConfiguration SET MaximumTokenLifetime=1 
WHERE MaximumTokenLifetime=0;

Problem solved.


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