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Excel file generated: Corrupt file

I was generating an Excel file via a web app.  Everything seemed to be working well, until I touched the code.  I made one change, to set the download filename.  Then I started getting an error from Excel: “Corrupt file” … Continue reading

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Things that ruin your life – #1 – Games

When I was in college at U of M D, my friend Dave Good, gave me some valuable advice. Another student suggested that I check out “mudds”. I was told that I seemed like the type of person who would … Continue reading

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Planning To Fail

In my career, I have seen plenty of projects fail. The reasons for failure are as diverse as the criteria for failure. I’ve written other blog posts on this topic. Most people get really apprehensive when you talk about failure. … Continue reading

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Cowboy Methodology

When I say “Cowboy Methodology”, most of you are going to laugh. In the programming world, a cowboy is usually a very talented programmer who lives on the wild-side, without rules, fearing no danger. He rides hastily into any situation, … Continue reading

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