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I say quality, you say kwallughteey

The perception of quality is very important to me.  You might laugh when you read the word “perception”.  I add that word, because delivering high-quality is always the status quo for me.  It is how I roll.  The only time … Continue reading

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Fritzing – 2 channel relay part

Lately, I have been doing some experiments with programmable controllers.  One of my projects has been with controllable switches and Arduino.  In fact, my programming club had a problem, where this month’s speaker backed-out.  With six days to go, the club … Continue reading

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How long will it take to make this?

This is a “top five most-popular” question for programmers. It is best to be asked this kind of question before you begin writing a program. It shows that you (and/or your colleagues) are thinking ahead. For instance, how long would … Continue reading

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The Software Testing Dichotomy

If you are ramping-up a testing effort for your group, You will eventually arrive at the question, “How much testing is the right amount?” Ultimately, your goal is to iron-out all of the bugs. If you are serious about it, … Continue reading

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Knowing what to do. Being empowered to do it.

Back in the day, I did a fair amount of consulting.  I worked for a consulting company that made some very nice programs.  Some of our larger customers had their own software development teams.  So they didn’t want us to … Continue reading

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