What’s the worst that could happen?

This is a classic question that haunts every IT person: What is the worst that could happen?

Hopefully, it is not being uttered by an administrator (or developer), as he is making changes to your server. Otherwise, you will want to rip the keyboard out from under his hands. Of course sometimes, he doesn’t even say it, but you know what he is thinking. He will look you in the eyes for a moment or avoid eye contact altogether. That is just as bad, or worse. Because he knows better than to say it, but proceeds anyway. Please don’t ever be that guy.

Depending on the length of your career, you may have several anecdotes to offer as a response to this question. I have seen a half-dozen stories, unfold in front of me. Each chilling story would be an accurate answer to this question. I hesitate to present them, because I like to sleep at night. When you wake up in the middle of the night, screaming, “The server is down!!!“, it is very disturbing to anyone who is in the house with you.

Since Halloween is approaching, I will offer my top five blood-curdling tales from the IT trenches, for your horror/entertainment. I will post one per day, over the next five days. These are all true stories.

About Tim Golisch

I'm a geek. I do geeky things.
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