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Programs that write your programs

I answered a fun question on StackOverflow today. The programmer was getting an error that made it sound like he had an “=” sign that didn’t belong there. I looked at his code and it was flawless. His SQL statement … Continue reading

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You’re a Software Architect, and then what?

Around 2009, I read an article or two telling all developers that they want to work towards becoming a software architect. Then each article went on to tell nothing substantial about what this means. It just sounded like you would … Continue reading

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Is anything ever good enough?

The last time that my wife baked banana bread, as I was tasting it and thinking about the flavor, I said “what if you cut-back the butter by one third and substituted applesauce instead?”  I thought it was a cool … Continue reading

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Testing Maturity Model

I was going to try to coin a term here: Testing Maturity Model but then I Bing’d it and found that it already exists( My concept is a little different from the “official” version, (but not completely different). What can … Continue reading

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