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The value of paper

When I say “paper”, what I really mean is “not only in somebody’s head”. I’ve heard a saying: “if it isn’t written-down, then it didn’t happen”. When you consider that technical-people are notorious for not communicating well, you can probably … Continue reading

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Too few mistakes

My parents say I was a noisy kid. It bugged them, often. However, now that I am an (much quieter) adult, they confided that they always were most-worried when I was quiet. Apparently, when I wasn’t making noise, it was … Continue reading

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What to do with a new programmer / apprentice

My favorite terms for “new programmer” have always been RCG, FNG, or rookie.  A new programmer is like a new puppy, minus the furry cuddly playfulness.  I’m thinking more about the damaged shoes, couch, TV remote and what is that … Continue reading

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