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Deployments failing? How to stop nuking your prod.

You’ve been there before.  Your team has busted their backs to get a bunch of fixes and features done.  You are ready to deploy to prod.  You pass your gut-check and roll it out.  The servers don’t crash initially, and … Continue reading

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or is the boss working for you?

Are you working for your boss or is it the other way around?  Think about it for a second. No? Nothing?  Okay, let me explain. A few years back, I worked with a guy who had a pretty sizeable ego … Continue reading

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When will it be “done” done

This question came up again and it reminded me of a project that I was on, years ago. In that project, the criteria for “done” had not been defined, so nobody could tell whether anything was “done” or not. You … Continue reading

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DB Performance Tuning

In my career, I’ve had the pleasure of doing a few (dozen or so) database performance studies. Each of the conditions was a little different and so were the outcomes. However, each of them had the same problem: things were … Continue reading

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