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When to use stored procedures, and when not to (part 2)

In an earlier post, I talked about when to use stored procedures and when not to. In that post, I omitted a few reasons because some of them were less significant and some could be pros or cons, depending on … Continue reading

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Maintenance programming: becoming a man

In the programming world, there are two tiers of people: rookies, who don’t know any better and senior programmers who do know better. Those who [should know better] are really the same as those who don’t know better. Years of … Continue reading

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When to install SQL Server on a VM (and when not to)

A few years ago, I had a rather lively discussion with a sys-admin about whether to install SQL Server on a VM or not.  His opinion was that everything should always be installed on VM Ware and there were no … Continue reading

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Maximize ROI from Code Reviews

The first experience that I had with code reviews was a bad one. I was working on a project and one of the people who had been there a while, gave me an ominous warning about the horror of their … Continue reading

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