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Rent a ninja

For those who are unfamiliar with the term: a ninja is somebody who is really really good at his/her trade within IT.  It wouldn’t be excessive to refer to this person as “amazing” or “awesome”.  If you give this person … Continue reading

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Egoless programming

A few weeks ago, I was reading a discussion about “the most valuable thing you learned this year”.  One of the answers talked about the value of “egoless programming” At the beginning of several projects, I have participated in … Continue reading

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Running a RDLC (SQL Report) in ASP.NET without SSRS I just posted a new article on, fresh with lots of free code included. SSRS and BIDS are nice for making reports, but they don’t embed into your ASP.NET project … Continue reading

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5 reasons that you want a tester and not another developer

Probably every dev team has been in this situation before.  You have some budget to add a person.  You want to add a Tester but some wise-guy tries to argue that it is better to add a developer.  “After all, … Continue reading

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Why Blog?

I started blogging in the 90s as a way for my friends and family to stay informed about me.  After doing it for a year, I looked at my stats and realized that I don’t have any friends and my … Continue reading

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How to prevent a(nother) death spiral (part 2)

In my previous article, I talked about the symptoms of a death spiral, where your { requirements, dev, build/release, test } cycle begins to constrict as you approach a deadline and tension rises, making everyone edgy and impatient. After you … Continue reading

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