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How to escape a death spiral

If you have never been in a death spiral, consider yourself lucky.  I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. In case you don’t know what a death spiral is, imagine for a moment, that you are in a … Continue reading

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leet 401

The title of my blog is “The pain of being an elitist”.  It has been rumored that this is my way of flaunting my arrogance.  I guess some people don’t get the joke (about myself).  Although I may strive to … Continue reading

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How to place blame

One reality TV series that I watch is “The Apprentice”. I enjoy the show up until the last 10 minutes.  Every show concludes with “the boardroom” where someone gets fired.  My stomach turns each time people in “the boardroom” are at each … Continue reading

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The benefits of buy-in

During an interview I had several years ago, I was asked to describe my management style.  I started by saying that I learned it from my experiences in the Army.  Before I could continue, my interviewer made a funny face … Continue reading

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It is what it is

A buddy of mine says he hates this saying because it is pretty stupid.  “Of course it is what it is, what else could it be?”, he says.  “Could it be [not what it is] or is it [something similar … Continue reading

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