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The evil of Eval() in

I’ve come across this one several times when working with ASP.NET.  When you want to put something from .net onto your page, it is common to do one of these: <%# Eval(“FirstName”) %> <%# Bind(“FirstName”) %> //Bind is just … Continue reading

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Support docs, quick and easy

A few months ago, in my post “Why isn’t there more documentation?”, I talked about the different audiences for documentation and how the needs of each group can vary quite a bit.  I can confidently tell you that there is … Continue reading

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What to do if your project is doomed

One of my favorite web sites is “the daily wtf”. The stories in there are hilarious. I can’t get enough of that site. One of the recurring themes is: “…my co-worker/boss is incompetent…the project/department is doomed…there is no hope…”. If … Continue reading

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