EDK .NET Web Controls 3.0 for AquaLogic

Okay.  This was a weird one.  At work, we are setting up a development/test environment for our intranet.  We got the whole thing set up and running.  However, on some of the pages, I was getting the following error:

Unable to find Plumtree EDK .NET Web Controls 3.0 Postback script
library. Please install by running the EDK .NET Web Controls 3.0 installer
on the imageserver.                  
                [   OK   ]

Well, of course, I googled the error and got no help.  Then, I looked on the imageserver (as instructed) and found bupkus!  I frelled around with it for several days.

…eventually, I found the cure:

Of course, it would have had been really easy to just install the EDK 3.0 install files but that would have been too easy.  Nope.  I couldn’t find the install for them anywhere.  So I had to copy files from an existing server (that already worked) to the new server.  Here are the directories:

c:\Program Files\plumtree\ptimages\imageserver\plumtree\portal\private\js\ptwc\3.0\
c:\Program Files\plumtree\ptwc\3.0\

Then, edit the pthome.xml file located in c:\Program Files\plumtree\.  Make sure the following XML is in there (usually near the bottom of the file).

    <product name=”ptwc”>
        <install version=”3.0″>
            <path>C:\Program Files\plumtree\ptwc\3.0</path>

Once you restart the web server, the error will go away.
btw.  I’m posting this info because Google didn’t help at all and neither did BEA/Oracle forums.  …pretty hard to believe. :/


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