Natural disaster or terrorist attack at work…you decide

This morning, as I walked into work, the receptionist warned me of the horror that awaited me.  She reported that the cleaning people erased all the whiteboards in the IT department. 

At first, I thought I misunderstood what she said.  “wait a sec. …did she just… no.  No, I must have heard that wrong…”

Then it started sinking-in.  I have the status for each of my projects, to do lists, and a bunch of critical planning info on that board.  Correction, I HAD the status….

Ugh!  It never occurred to me that someone could just, sort-of, erase all that information.

The one rascal in our department, who is anti-whiteboard, is feeling pretty smug today and handing-out “I-told-ya-so’s” and being quite insensitive.  It is a little hard to take. 

Anyway, I’m not sure how I will recover from this disaster!  Our whole department is probably going to have nightmares for months or years.  As you can see, I’m even having problems organizing my thoughts to write a simple blog post about it.  My hands are shaky and cold.  How will I possibly write good programs today?!   WHYYYYYYY!!!!

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