My first mashup

Okay, web 2.0 stuff has been on my radar for more than a year now, but I always have difficulty spending time learning (doing) new stuff unless I am using it for something tangible. So, at my new job, when I looked at their home page, they have a place to "look for a location near you".  You enter your zip code or state and it finds location(s) near you and lists them.  So, not bad for a 1.0 effort.  It totally works.  But in the back of my mind, I was thinking: "hmm, there should be a google map here or something".

So, today, I had 2 hours in my schedule that were not booked.  I found some mashups online (by searching for "mashup") and snooped the code. 

Getting started was a little tough because, the examples I found were pretty involved and I had to strip out all of the stuff that was not related to mapping.  Then I took a copy of my employer’s "find a location" page and rearranged it so the mashup would fit.  Then pasted the code in there and altered the data to match our locations.

When it was all done, I had to go online to google and register the page I made, or else, instead of a map, it would show a banner saying something like: this page isn’t registered, blah, blah. 

It came out pretty cool. I showed a few colleagues and they thought it rocked.

Since then, I have not received permission to spend the 8 hours to bind it to the database and put it up on the public web server.  I’m a little deflated, but still pumped that I got to learn and do it.  Y’know, even if they don’t want to put it on the public web site, I think it was still a good use of 2 hours because, if some vendor walks in the door and says "hey, you really need a mashup", they will be able to say "we already have one, lets put it up there" or "we already looked at one and decided its not what we want".  That is worth something for sure.


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  1. Unknown says:

    That sounds pretty cool!  I am glad to see you have a blog again.

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